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Lakefront Brewery

Милуоки, США

My Turn: Doyle

Red Ale - Irish • 6,0% ABV • 16 IBU • 24.02.2020

New Grist Gose With Lime

Gluten-Free • 5,1% ABV • 10 IBU • 09.01.2019

Hazy Rabbit

IPA - New England • 6,8% ABV • 33 IBU • 12.10.2018

Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin / Yam Beer • не менее 6,9% ABV • 20 IBU • 23.08.2014

Fixed Gear

Red Ale - American Amber / Red • 6,8% ABV • 33 IBU • 05.12.2010
On December 2nd, 1987, brothers Russ and Jim Klisch opened Lakefront Brewery and sold their first batch of Riverwest Stein Amber Lager to a neighborhood tavern in Milwaukee. We have grown to brew 46,848 barrels of beer in 2017 and have received awards in most every renowned beer competition. Our products are now distributed to 30+ states, Canada, Ukraine and South Korea. Lakefront Brewery was the first certified organic brewery in America, the first brewery to produce a government-approved, gluten-free beer and the first indigenous beer using all Wisconsin grown ingredients. We currently brew 30+ year-round and seasonal beers including a barrel-aged series and our unique, one-off My Turn Series which gives each of our full time employees a chance to choose a style we've never produced.
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