De Moersleutel

Motor Oil Vietnamese & Tanzanian Chocolate (2022)

Stout - Imperial / Double • 6,8% ABV
  • Motor Oil Vietnamese & Tanzanian Chocolate (2022), It may look like we choose the origin of our cacao nibs based on our travelling wish list, it could clearly be that, but it's not. Together with Krak Chocolade we go through several samples of cacao and, together, we try to come with unique and exciting combinations of chocolate, same way you'd do with hops or different malts. This year we're combining cacao from Vietnam and Tanzania, two polarizing flavors that synergized together beautifully. We hope you enjoy this chocolate flavor journey! Best served at a temperature of 12 °C.
  • Пивоварня: De Moersleutel
  • Стиль: Stout - Imperial / Double
  • Алкоголь: 6,8%
  • Начало выпуска: 13.04.2022
  • Рейтинг: 4,149
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Сейчас это пиво не продаётся в барах и магазинах в городе Минск.

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