Orkney Brewery


Cliff Edge IPA

IPA - American • 4,7% ABV • 40 IBU • 12.03.2018

Red MacGregor

Red Ale - Other • 4,0% ABV • 50 IBU • 07.04.2012

Northern Light

Blonde Ale • 4,0% ABV • 15.01.2011


Stout - Other • 4,0% ABV • 21.08.2010

Dark Island

Scottish Ale • 4,6% ABV • 40 IBU • 21.08.2010
The Orkney Brewery was one of Scotland’s first independent micro–breweries and started brewing in 1988, in what was once an old schoolhouse in Quoyloo. We are a genuine island brewery that crafts a superb range of beers. North island values shape our resolute approach to brewing, resulting in world class, award-winning beers. We are honest, resilient, we work hard together and have an innate desire to perfect. We need to get it right first time every time. We don’t believe in wasting resources and we are friends to the environment we dwell in We brew iconic Scottish ales Dark Island, Red MacGregor, Dragonhead and Skull Splitter. In addition, we offer progressive pale ale Orkney Gold and Dark Island Reserve aged in whisky oak casks. Norman Sinclair whose father had actually enjoyed his school years in the same building took over the tenure in 2006. He quickly developed a custom built brewhouse adjoining the schoolhouse and by doing so created the original classroom into a 5 Star visitor centre.
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