Brasserie de Brunehaut

In 1890 the Allard family brewery based in Guignies Brunhild , then called Brasserie St Joseph . It is known in the region for brewed beers as "The Druid and Brunhilda 8 °. In 1991 the company is experiencing a resurgence with the transfer in modern buildings , while retaining its traditional character and quality of its products , described by connoisseurs as " cru." alliance of Tradition and Modernity ! These are the watchwords of the company credo true leaders brewery Brunhilda . Tradition , as the brewery retains its all-natural way of manufacturing high fermentation beers and fermentation in bottles and barrels . The result is a range of ten different abbey beers or organic , all unique and valuable . To also ensure the attachment to the land , the barley used for making beer are grown in our own farm Gaurain -Ramecroix . Modernism, as the tool of modern and efficient work allows the scrupulous observance of hygiene and production quality and a consistent taste. Modernism also in the approach to the market : many beers Brunhilda were awarded in international competitions and are now present in 25 countries. This know-how and this tool , Marc- Antoine De Mees and colleagues always bring the same enthusiasm to discover them ...
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