Žatecký pivovar

Zatec uses the traditional open vats for fermentation which allows the taste to stay with the beer. The lagering tanks (installed in 1835) remain horizontal allowing some of the malt sugars to remain in the beer, creating a fuller and more complex palate. The lagering takes place 80’ underground which is ideal for consistent cold conditions required for lagering. Zatec is lagered for 45 days. Only the best ingredients are used - Zatec hops, Moravian malt and local water. The home grown hops are used at 3 different stages throughout the brewing process rather than just in the final “hopping” as done by other brands. The original process and authentic ingredients gives a well balanced malt, hops and fruit finish. Indeed, a beer as beer used to be. Zatec is naturally carbonated through the fermentation stage. At no time is any CO2 added – giving a less gassy taste. The brewery also uses the double decoction method – where the wort is transferred back and forth between 2 mash tuns to release as much brewing sugar as possible.
Места продажи сортов пивоварни

Сейчас сорта этой пивоварни не продаются в барах и магазинах в городе Минск.

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