Елгава, Латвия


Sour - Other • 4,8% ABV • 07.10.2019


IPA - American • 5,6% ABV • 13.06.2015

Blondais Grēks

Wheat Beer - American Pale Wheat • 4,3% ABV • 15 IBU • 23.05.2015
The small brewery “VIEDI” was founded in April 2015. The brewery has no records of ancestral recipes, so beer recipes are the result of long-term experiments and a combination of quality raw materials and modern techniques which creates a different kind of beer. Also, the equipment used is adapted to modern brewing conditions, which suggests that not only ancestral methods can make a good beer. Brewery „VIEDI” creates „ale” and „lager” types of beer, which allows malt flavors to be highlighted in the beer, combined with the finest hop samples. Our beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized, but that doesn't mean it has a short realization time! We ignore this false legend and therefore GUARANTEE that our beer will retain its quality taste properties for at least 3 months. Not only does Brewery "VIEDI" want to offer good beer, but also educate beer drinkers about the culture of enjoying this drink and create the conditions where the variety and availability of beer is the same as in the US or Belgium, so we know that we will not stop at what we have achieved. Our beer recipes are no secret either. Given our philosophy and all of the above, we claim: We do it differently
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