Revision Brewing Company

Revision Brewing Company is known for brewing quality, mouth-watering, and aromatic products for beer fans worldwide, through being founded on the principle of having an evolutionary spirit, reflecting growth, creativity and respect for craft beer. Brewmaster Jeremy Warren opened Revision Brewing in 2017 with four other founders. After only a year of opening the doors at Revision Brewing Company, the brewery gained substantial notoriety when it took a gold medal win for Revision IPA in the American India Pale Ale Category and DIPA won the silver medal in the Imperial India Pale Ale category at the 2018 World Beer Cup® awards. Only four other breweries in the history of the World Beer Cup® have medaled in both the American-Style India Pale Ale and the Imperial India Pale Ale category in the same year. Additionally, Revision Brewing company gained a great deal of respect for their barrel-aging program after their first release, Barrel-Aged Finite Madness, earned a gold medal at European Beer Star in 2019. Overall, Revision Brewing Company beers have won awards in Japan, Australia, Germany, Belgium, and in numerous competitions across the United States.
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