Pivovar Černá Hora

Under the management of the new owner the brewery significantly increased its production capacity – in 2010 the lagering cellar was extended and 16 new lagering tanks were installed; in 2012 a new fermentation room with 10 open fermentation tanks was opened. Each year the brewery invests a considerable sum of money into the production equipment. Recently, two new palletising and de-palletising robots for kegs and crates have been put into operation. These robots have replaced heavy manual work. Additionally, a third line for filling kegs has already been put into operation and a new line to fill 5l kegs has been built. In 2012 the brewery joined the Czech innovators in the production of non-alcoholic beverages. First, it bought new equipment for the production of carbonated drink syrup from bases directly in the brewery. Most importantly, as one of the smaller Czech producers of carbonated drinks, it started to add the sweetener stevia, a natural herb. As a result of the new recipe, the carbonated drinks from Černá Hora contain 50-60% less calories than before. The brewery has received many awards for the quality of its products. In 2011, it was awarded the title of the Company of the Year in the Brno TOP 100 competition.
Места продажи сортов пивоварни
Минск, ул. Сурганова, 29
Телефон: +375 29 650-50-05
Минск, ул. Червякова, 5
Телефон: +375 29 652-02-93
0,50 л. (разливное)
Br 6,70
1,00 л. (разливное)
Br 13,40
Минск, ул. Ленинградская, 3
Телефон: +375 29 163-23-54
0,40 л. (разливное)
Br 10,00
Минск, ул. Кальварийская, 21к6
Телефон: +375 29 607-35-92

Сорта пивоварни Pivovar Černá Hora можно купить в других городах: Жодино, Борисов, Молодечно.

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