Pipeworks Brewing Company

Чикаго, США
Pipeworks Brewing Co was established in 2012 by home brewers who had a dream to create quality beers with a high level of creativity and thoughtful experimentation. In the early years, the scrappy team of brewers generated an early following and developed street cred in the local Chicago market by releasing almost one new beer a week. In 2014, Pipeworks expanded into a larger production facility in the Hermosa neighborhood of Chicago. The team has grown but in numbers and in skill level, but the same core emphasis on quality and creativity remains. Today, Pipeworks Brewing Co's beers are still self distributed throughout Chicagoland, but now Pipeworks beers, including their number 1 selling beer, "Ninja vs Unicorn" Double India Pale Ale, can be found in multiple states thanks to partnerships with distributors who share a similar commitment to quality. Hometown fans of Pipeworks Brewing Co can find a wide and fresh selection of Pipeworks beers available for pickup from "The Dojo", the to-go shop located within their production facility in Hermosa.
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