Olympic Brewery


Fix Dark

Lager - Dark • 5,2% ABV • 11.02.2012

FIX Hellas

Lager - Helles • 5,0% ABV • 20 IBU • 07.12.2010


Lager - Pale • 5,0% ABV • 17 IBU • 21.08.2010
Olympic Brewery S.A. is a purely Greek and fast evolving company that was set up in January 2010. It owns the lager FIX Hellas brand, the first and most historical Greek beer; the premium lager FIX Dark brand, which created a new category in the domestic market of dark beer and the premium wheat beer FIX Royale, which constitutes a high quality Hellenic proposal in the Weiss beer category. The ultra-modern privately owned brew house of Olympic Brewery, where all the products are produced, is located in Ritsona area, in Evia. Since its establishment, Olympic Brewery has demonstrated that, alongside its investment program, it focuses on the development of the beer market in Greece, its great contribution to the national economy, the responsible investment on raw material and the support of the Greek farmers and producers. At the same time, Olympic Brewery is an example of a healthy Greek business overseas as it exports its high quality and tasty Greek beer to several dynamic international markets.
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