Old Harbor Brewery

Old Harbor Brewery was born in the Old San Juan guided by some of the most prestigious German beer makers, pursuing the dream of creating a beer, which it’s quality would be beyond compare. Established in 1996, Old Harbor Brewery is the first Craft Micro Brewery in Puerto Rico. Since the beginning, we knew that ingredients matter that is why we use Weyerman malts, from Germany. Our Passion to create unequaled quality beer has been recognized by the world-renowned World Beer Cup in Germany, the Playboy Magazine, and the US Beer Tasting Competition among other prestigious entities, endorsing our commitment to keep doing superior beers. In 2017 the brewery was consolidated from Old San Juan to the main brewery in Carolina, PR. We kept all the same beers recipes, processes, brands, ingredients and Brew Master, reaffirming our commitment to provide the ultimate premium Craft Beer in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
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