Minhas Craft Brewery

Daycation in Monroe WI- What an idea! Come visit the Minhas Craft Brewery, the second oldest brewery in the nation and sample some of the history we are making! Follow this up by visiting the famous Monroe Courthouse Square, quaint shops and best tasting cheese sold in the country. Join us for a 40-60 minute tour where you will be able to sample 7 different brews and Blumer’s Root Beer on tap. Before the tour begins, enjoy some popcorn and taste away while relaxing in our Lazy Mutt Lounge. When the tour if finished, visit all three of our museum rooms featuring hundreds of brewery advertising artifacts. Lithographs and prints from the mid-1800 era to the 1950’s and 60’s. Another room holds collections of model cars, trucks and trains, tap handles and growlers from around the world. Take a look around the Minhas gift shop for beer, clothing and souvenirs. Make sure to keep an eye out for our new merchandise! It’s hot off the press! You won’t go home empty handed! Each individual will leave with a “thank you” pack in hand. This “thank you” pack includes a Blumer Soda and 4 craft beers…and of course your sampler glass. If beer isn’t for you we can provide you with a Blumer’s Soda “thank you” case. Kids 12 and under are free! Tour Times: Monday: 11AM Tuesday - Thursday: 1PM Friday: 1 & 3PM Saturday: 11AM, 1PM & 3PM Sunday: 1 & 3PM Want more? Visit our website: www.minhasbrewery.com
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