Mainstream Brewing Company

Mainstream Brewing Company strives to set the trend for producing full flavour highest quality craft beers, using the finest local and imported natural ingredients, at our craft brewery in Johannesburg, South Africa. The brewery’s roots go back to when its founders, two proudly South African beer drinkers, realized they shared the same passion for the business of brewing beer. The journey started modestly in 2012 when the first home brew recipes were born. This evolved over the next two years, through many long discussions and many beers around the braai, to the Mainstream Brewing Company today, rooted in quality and a professional approach to all things beer. South Africa is a beer drinking nation, where beer will be found at any social gathering. Life’s experiences and our travels worldwide have taught us that South Africa is thirsty for craft beer and the thirst is still growing! The name, MAINSTЯEAM BREWING COMPANY ( reversed “Я”), was selected for a few reasons: The word “mainstream” can be defined as: “Mainstream is what’s the new trend. When one “style” gets old, a new one is reborn, a mainstream person is someone who embraces new trends, thus creating and contributing to the journey of life. The reversed “Я” in Mainstream indicates a little change/something different, not only in the name, but also in the beers we will be brewing. Part of our logo, the Salmon, is there to entrench this founding cornerstone.
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