KC Bier Co.



Wheat Beer - Hefeweizen • 5,8% ABV • 13 IBU • 26.07.2017

Weißbier Royal

Bock - Weizenbock • 6,5% ABV • 22.04.2016
Since 2014, KC Bier Co. has pursued a simple mission: to brew and serve authentic-tasting German-style bier with the same character, flavor and freshness as the bier brewed and consumed in Germany using only imported German malt, hops and yeast and traditional German brewing methods. The largest locally-owned brewery in Kansas City, KC Bier Co. offers its bier in its Bierhalle and Biergarten in Kansas City, all throughout the Kansas City metro area, statewide in Kansas and in most of Missouri. For more information, visit www.kcbier.com.
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