Huisstekerij H.ertie

Huisstekerij h.ertie is an independent blendery run by Ulrich Kremer (known as “Uli”) that is known for its experimental style. While many of Uli’s blends are lambic-only, he also experiments widely with lambic/non-lambic blends. Non-lambic styles in these blends include, among others, stout, trappist, wheat, and rauchbier. Many batches are extremely small - often as small as 4-6 bottles - and most of his blends are given to friends rather than commercially sold. To date, two h.ertie blends have been released through other breweries as collaborations. The first, Eszett Gueuze, was blended with and released through Freigeist Bierkultur. The other, Lambik Peated Weizen, was made with BrauArt Sausenheim.
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