Hope Beer



IPA - Session • 4,3% ABV • 20 IBU • 01.03.2019


Lager - Pale • 4,8% ABV • 04.06.2017


Wheat Beer - Other • 4,8% ABV • 21 IBU • 30.08.2015

Handsome Jack

IPA - American • 6,6% ABV • 49 IBU • 29.08.2015


Pale Ale - Other • 5,2% ABV • 22 IBU • 27.08.2015
Hope Beer started out in 2015 when the brewery was founded by four friends with a passion for beer and business. What began as a series of late-night kitchen table discussions is now a state-of-the-art brewery, producing an extensive range of award-winning premium craft beers. Hope produces a core range of five distinct beer styles which are available all year round as well as two seasonals and a wide range of limited-edition beers. All Hope beers are brewed, bottled, canned and kegged at Howth Junction on Dublin’s Northside and are crafted to be the perfect accompaniment to food. Each beer has its own distinct name, story and taste experience; Discover their stories! Discover our beers!
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