Genys Brewing Co.

Каунас, Литва
PHILOSOPHY We are independent craft brewers. We make our beer from a combination of modern technology and knowledge from the past. We truly believe magic happens when combining these two! So, hop aboard this first class ride with us into the world of good taste, powerful aroma and extraordinary experience. We won’t try to get your attention by offering some cheap lotteries, where you can win car wipers if you buy a six pack or some other junk that you don’t need. You get the prize instantly when opening each bottle of Genys craft beer – taste, aroma, experience. We’re making beer with the best ingredients – a good mood and a smile. Our belief in craft revolution is undeniable, so we are eager to see what is around the corner next. Genys* – revolution of taste *Well, Genys stands for Woodpecker in Lithuanian if you ever wonder.
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