Black Husky Brewing

Милуоки, США


Gluten-Free • 6,6% ABV • 20 IBU • 11.03.2020
Black Husky has moved from Pembine to 909 E Locust St, Milwaukee, WI 53212. Black Husky Brewing was started in 2010 in a small log cabin in the woods in the rural town of Pembine, WI. Inspired by the dogs in their son’s sled dog kennel, co-founders Tim Eichinger and Toni Eichinger named the brewery after their beloved husky Howler. Each of their beers is associated with the dogs from the kennel as a tribute to the loyalty and companionship that defined each of them. While not in their original plans, Black Husky began getting calls from bars and restaurants in Milwaukee to see if they could purchase their beers. So Tim and Toni began driving down kegs and bottles to Milwaukee in their Ford Transit Connect van. First two or three kegs and cases and eventually they were turning business away so the poor van didn’t collapse under the load. In 2016, Black Husky moved its brewery operations to the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee where they currently operate a taproom and produce their beers. Not much has changed. Sure there is a bigger building and a few more people in the team but the beer is still delivered in their van, bottling is done by hand and the same care and dedication to produce the best beer is still practiced to honor the 23 dogs that spent their lives with Tim and Toni.
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