Bergbräu Privatbrauerei Haffner

We supplement our tried-and-tested, award-winning classics, such as the Bergbräu Altstadt Dunkel , with modern beers, such as our craft beer amber or the refreshing Bergsteiger. We remain faithful to ourselves - and success is justified: as one of the few remaining private breweries in Lower Saxony, we inspire young and old and embody our quality promise with every single sip - for the good! "He who has no beer has nothing to drink." (Martin Luther)
Места продажи сортов пивоварни
Минск, ул. Октябрьская, 19к4
Телефон: +375 29 163-86-76
0,50 л. (бутылка)
Br 16,00
Чрезмерное употребление пива вредит вашему здоровью