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ALDI Stores UK

We're one of the world's fastest-growing retailers. Our corporate responsibility plan is driven by 5 principles - community, people, customers, suppliers and environment. It’s about making sure that what you buy has been grown, caught or made with ultimate care for the environment and that workers are treated fairly. It’s also about our incredible suppliers, being fairer to farmers, raising money for great causes, inspiring kids to eat fresh, sourcing sustainable foods and reducing waste. Ultimately, it’s about making sure that, with our customers, we feel 'Everyday Amazing.'
Места продажи сортов пивоварни
Минск, ул. Ленинградская, 3
Телефон: +375 29 163-23-54

Сорта пивоварни ALDI Stores UK можно купить в других городах: Молодечно, Гомель.

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