Abbazia Tre Fontane

The Trappist monastery of Saints Vincent and Anastasius, located in Rome at the heart of Christianity, became a member of the International Trappist Association (ITA) in 2014. Monastic life in this place goes back to the first centuries of Christianity. After 1870 the monks planted a great deal of eucalyptus to combat malaria. In 2015, the monks of Tre Fontane set up a microbrewery for brewing a beer with the aroma of eucalyptus. They also produce and sell olive oil, various kinds of honey (flower, acacia, and eucalyptus), a large assortment of chocolates, and Trappist liqueur. The Monastery Store is open daily on weekdays. Besides Tre Fontane's own products, they also sell products from other Italian Trappist monasteries: Vitorchiano, Valserena and Frattocchie.
Места продажи сортов пивоварни

Сейчас сорта этой пивоварни не продаются в барах и магазинах в городе Минск.

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