Ten Hands Brewing

Dragonfly (2020)

IPA - New England / Hazy • 6,5% ABV • 55 IBU
  • Dragonfly (2020), For the 2020 version of Dragonfly we slightly raised the ABV, tweaked the hopping and massively changed the water treatment which makes this a completely different beast compared to the 2019 version. Incredibly thick and juicy with a mouthfeel like an 8% DIPA, however clocking in at only 6.5% with tropicality and dankness to write home about.
  • Пивоварня: Ten Hands Brewing
  • Стиль: IPA - New England / Hazy
  • Алкоголь: 6,5%
  • Горечь: 55 IBU
  • Начало выпуска: 30.04.2020
  • Рейтинг: N/A
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Сейчас это пиво не продаётся в барах и магазинах в городе Минск.

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Ten Hands Brewing

IPA - New England / Hazy


Ten Hands Brewing

IPA - New England / Hazy
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