Lux in Tenebris

Mary Dyer

IPA - New England • 6,5% ABV • 45 IBU
  • Mary Dyer, Hazy IPA with lots of fresh Mosaic hops.//Basic freedom to believe or not to believe and not be prosecuted for either was a rare commodity in the days of yore. It still is, the battle against bigotry never ends. Mary Dyer was a hero of this battle, choosing to die for the great cause of religious freedom and women equality. Her sacrifice will never be forgotten.
  • Пивоварня: Lux in Tenebris
  • Стиль: IPA - New England
  • Алкоголь: 6,5%
  • Горечь: 45 IBU
  • Хмель: Mosaic
  • Начало выпуска: 02.04.2021
  • Рейтинг: 3,769
Места продажи пива
Минск, ул. Гамарника, 30 (пом. 260)
Телефон: +375 17 301-16-61

Пиво Mary Dyer можно купить в городе Москва.

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Lux in Tenebris

IPA - New England
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