Coma Brewery

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Sour - Smoothie / Pastry • 6,1% ABV
  • Who Let the Dogs Out?, Who let the dogs out? Well, not dogs, but at least one, smoked, six years ago? Yes, we are talking about the Smoky Dog bar, which is turning six this year and in honor of this we have prepared for them this wonderful sour with mango, raspberry, cream and vanilla! This will be the best ice cream in your life! The first spoon is for the dogs!
  • Пивоварня: Coma Brewery
  • Стиль: Sour - Smoothie / Pastry
  • Алкоголь: 6,1%
  • Начало выпуска: 20.06.2022
  • Рейтинг: 4,225
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Сейчас это пиво не продаётся в барах и магазинах в городе Минск.

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Sour - Smoothie / Pastry
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